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Oh Jatta

Album: Oh Jatta

Artists: Amar Sandhu

Duration: 3:3

Views: 1701


Love You Truck Bhar Ke

Album: Love You Truck Bhar Ke

Artists: Amar Sandhu

Duration: 3:40

Views: 2893



Album: Rewind

Artists: Raxstar,Amar Sandhu

Duration: 3:13

Views: 2418


15 Minutes (Bring It Home)

Album: 15 Minutes (Bring It Home)

Artists: Fateh,Amar Sandhu

Duration: 3:33

Views: 1398


Maade Time

Album: Maade Time

Artists: Amar Sandhu,Lil Daku

Duration: 3:57

Views: 4257



Album: Replaceable

Artists: Amar Sandhu,Pranna Fateh

Duration: 3:30

Views: 2739


Rooftop Party

Album: Rooftop Party

Artists: Amar Sandhu,Mickey Singh

Duration: 3:23

Views: 3759


Back Off

Album: Back Off

Artists: Amar Sandhu

Duration: 4:24

Views: 2927

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