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Dilpreet Dhillon Is Back

Album: Dilpreet Dhillon Is Back

Artists: Dilpreet Dhillon,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 4:30

Views: 3798


Red Eyes

Album: Red Eyes

Artists: Karan Aujla,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 3:32

Views: 6592



Album: Peche

Artists: Jimmy Kaler,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 3:38

Views: 3089



Album: Warning

Artists: Karaj Randhawa,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 4:17

Views: 3184


Don't Tell Me

Album: Don't Tell Me

Artists: Dilpreet Dhillon,Karan Aujla,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 3:42

Views: 4021


Tibbeyan Ala Jatt

Album: Tibbeyan Ala Jatt

Artists: Harf Cheema,Gurlez Akhtar,Karan Aujla

Duration: 3:13

Views: 3277



Album: Life

Artists: Mohabbat Brar,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 3:59

Views: 2617



Album: Anti

Artists: Aamir Khan,Gurlez Akhtar

Duration: 3:44

Views: 2469

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