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Automatic Asla Jazzy B Video Song

Automatic Asla

Album: Automatic Asla

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 3:6

Views: 263

Nishana Bohemia,Jazzy B Video Song


Album: Nishana

Artists: Bohemia,Jazzy B

Duration: 2:43

Views: 2326

Dil Mangdi Jazzy B Video Song

Dil Mangdi

Album: Dil Mangdi

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 3:49

Views: 3312

Worldwide Jazzy B Video Song


Album: Worldwide

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 3:50

Views: 3225

Khande Ton Khalsa Jazzy B Video Song

Khande Ton Khalsa

Album: Khande Ton Khalsa

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 4:41

Views: 1987

Udhne Sapoliye Jazzy B Video Song

Udhne Sapoliye

Album: Udhne Sapoliye

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 3:43

Views: 3728

Jatt Da Flag Jazzy B,Kaur B Video Song

Jatt Da Flag

Album: Jatt Da Flag

Artists: Jazzy B,Kaur B

Duration: 3:50

Views: 10105

Miss Karda Jazzy B Video Song

Miss Karda

Album: Miss Karda

Artists: Jazzy B

Duration: 3:24

Views: 7862

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