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Ishq Garry Sandhu,Shipra Goyal Video Song


Album: Ishq

Artists: Garry Sandhu,Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:49

Views: 11799

Jatt Nikle Ninja,Shipra Goyal Video Song

Jatt Nikle

Album: Jatt Nikle

Artists: Ninja,Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:51

Views: 2309

Bulgari Kulwinder Billa,Shipra Goyal Video Song


Album: Bulgari

Artists: Kulwinder Billa,Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:34

Views: 4715

Main Teri Rani Shipra Goyal Video Song

Main Teri Rani

Album: Main Teri Rani

Artists: Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:42

Views: 2940

Kharche Gurnam Bhullar,Shipra Goyal Video Song


Album: Kharche

Artists: Gurnam Bhullar,Shipra Goyal

Duration: 4:17

Views: 6125

Jigriaa Yaara Jimmy Kaler,Shipra Goyal Video Song

Jigriaa Yaara

Album: Jigriaa Yaara

Artists: Jimmy Kaler,Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:25

Views: 3265

4 By 4 Shipra Goyal Video Song

4 By 4

Album: 4 By 4

Artists: Shipra Goyal

Duration: 3:9

Views: 2156

Piche Piche Shipra Goyal,Alfaaz Video Song

Piche Piche

Album: Piche Piche

Artists: Shipra Goyal,Alfaaz

Duration: 3:27

Views: 2974

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