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Daily Top 20 Latest Haryanvi Videos Songs. Big list of 2024 Latest Haryanvi Videos songs music in HD. Find the famous, popular top Latest Haryanvi Videos & Daily hits video songs. Listen to the daily top 20 Latest Haryanvi Videos that can change you mood & enjoy the full videos at riskyhd.com
Ghunghroo Video Song Download


Album: Ghunghroo

Artists: Sapna Choudhary,Uk Haryanvi

Duration: 3:13

Donali Video Song Download


Album: Donali

Artists: Khasa Aala Chahar

Duration: 3:27

Nazar Laag Jyagi Video Song Download

Nazar Laag Jyagi

Album: Nazar Laag Jyagi

Artists: Sapna Chaudhary

Duration: 6:24

Naagni Video Song Download


Album: Naagni

Artists: Gulzaar Chhaniwala

Duration: 3:13

Desi Video Song Download


Album: Desi

Artists: Khasa Aala Chahar

Duration: 4:21

Simple Life Video Song Download

Simple Life

Album: Simple Life

Artists: Gulzaar Chhaniwala

Duration: 3:47

Tera Lehnga Video Song Download

Tera Lehnga

Album: Tera Lehnga

Artists: Sonam Tiwari

Duration: 4:23

Balam Alto Video Song Download

Balam Alto

Album: Balam Alto

Artists: Sapna Choudhary,Naveen Naru

Duration: 3:48

Chora Zamindara Ka Video Song Download

Chora Zamindara Ka

Album: Chora Zamindara Ka

Artists: Masoom Sharma

Duration: 4:36

Desi Haan Ji Video Song Download

Desi Haan Ji

Album: Desi Haan Ji

Artists: Ndee Kundu,Bintu Pabra

Duration: 4:20

Kade Bua Ke Kade Mama Ke Video Song Download

Kade Bua Ke Kade Mama Ke

Album: Kade Bua Ke Kade Mama Ke

Artists: Raju Punjabi

Duration: 2:49

Bullet Video Song Download


Album: Bullet

Artists: Khasa Aala Chahar

Duration: 3:42

Godfather Video Song Download


Album: Godfather

Artists: Gulzar Chhaniwala

Duration: 3:54

Tu Cheej Lajawab Video Song Download

Tu Cheej Lajawab

Album: Tu Cheej Lajawab

Artists: Pardeep Boora,Sapna,Raju Punjabi

Duration: 3:8

Manne Babu Bol Video Song Download

Manne Babu Bol

Album: Manne Babu Bol

Artists: Vijay Varma,Renuka Panwar

Duration: 4:49

Lakhana Marega Video Song Download

Lakhana Marega

Album: Lakhana Marega

Artists: Raju Punjabi,Sushila

Duration: 2:50

Jalebi Joda Video Song Download

Jalebi Joda

Album: Jalebi Joda

Artists: Monika Sharma

Duration: 3:27

Purpose Video Song Download


Album: Purpose

Artists: Raju Punjabi

Duration: 3:55

Middle Class Video Song Download

Middle Class

Album: Middle Class

Artists: Gulzaar Chhaniwala

Duration: 3:38

Ghagra Video Song Download


Album: Ghagra

Artists: Raju Punjabi,Sushila Takhar

Duration: 4:7

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