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Latest Punjabi Videos Top 20 Songs (7days)

So High Video Song Download

So High

Album: So High

Artists: Sidhu Moose Wala

Duration: 3:54

Views: 55333

Dilan Da Kabarhiya Video Song Download

Dilan Da Kabarhiya

Album: Dilan Da Kabarhiya

Artists: R Nait

Duration: 3:55

Views: 1902

Thaa Video Song Download


Album: Thaa

Artists: Varinder Brar

Duration: 3:20

Views: 10059

Double Black Video Song Download

Double Black

Album: Double Black

Artists: Amrit Maan

Duration: 3:5

Views: 626

Kehre Pind Toh Video Song Download

Kehre Pind Toh

Album: Kehre Pind Toh

Artists: Ranjit Bawa

Duration: 2:14

Views: 1531

Its All About You Video Song Download

Its All About You

Album: Its All About You

Artists: Sidhu Moose Wala

Duration: 4:3

Views: 39008

Mera Na Video Song Download

Mera Na

Album: Mera Na

Artists: Sidhu Moose Wala

Duration: 3:21

Views: 7399

Death Row Video Song Download

Death Row

Album: Death Row

Artists: Ninja

Duration: 3:25

Views: 4018

Video Call Video Song Download

Video Call

Album: Video Call

Artists: Surjit Bhullar

Duration: 3:41

Views: 4929

The Last Ride Video Song Download

The Last Ride

Album: The Last Ride

Artists: Sidhu Moose Wala

Duration: 4:35

Views: 24953

Najaare Video Song Download


Album: Najaare

Artists: Jordan Sandhu

Duration: 2:38

Views: 789

Raah Warga Video Song Download

Raah Warga

Album: Raah Warga

Artists: Arjan Dhillon

Duration: 3:53

Views: 2911

Levels Video Song Download


Album: Levels

Artists: Sidhu Moose Wala

Duration: 3:51

Views: 36510

Minna Minna Video Song Download

Minna Minna

Album: Minna Minna

Artists: Garry Sandhu

Duration: 2:12

Views: 2573

Baba Bhali Kare Video Song Download

Baba Bhali Kare

Album: Baba Bhali Kare

Artists: Gulab Sidhu

Duration: 3:23

Views: 802

Suit Video Song Download


Album: Suit

Artists: Kaka

Duration: 3:38

Views: 5421

Nakhra Video Song Download


Album: Nakhra

Artists: Gulab Sidhu

Duration: 2:39

Views: 4655

Jinde Video Song Download


Album: Jinde

Artists: Amrinder Gill

Duration: 2:6

Views: 1672

Jatt Disda Video Song Download

Jatt Disda

Album: Jatt Disda

Artists: Sunanda Sharma

Duration: 3:6

Views: 758

Nashedi Akhan 2 Video Song Download

Nashedi Akhan 2

Album: Nashedi Akhan 2

Artists: Simar Doraha

Duration: 3:29

Views: 2907

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